Reasons Why We Care

We care about solving problems.
Sometimes all we need is direction to solve problems in our current situation. A misguided adolescent, a failure-trodden adult or an overwhelmed parent can find hope in someone who cares enough to spend time with them. Our goal is to either reduce the impact of a difficult situation or fully prevent a problem from occurring through behavioral health programs and support services.

We care about turning our dedication into accountability.
Being human beings, we share this planet. We inhabit the earth together and we have an innate responsibility to look out for each other. We are dedicated to show that someone cares for you! While you may be accountable for past mistakes, our dedication is to help you find ways to make up for your life. Regain the trust of your loved ones and resume a quality life with them. Our services and programs are geared towards helping you turn your back from substance abuse and behaviors that cause complications in your mental health.

We care about finding ways to create multiple sources of support.
Let’s create a support system! Help is rare when there are few places to find them. At Sandhills, we give you multiple opportunities to find the help and support you need. To start, give us a call at 910-848-1638.

At Sandhills, we care about recovery. We care about you.