Family Programs
The needs of the family are always addressed at Sandhills Behavioral Center, Inc. and are often a critical factor in successful treatment. Our goal is to help foster a family system that is supportive of treatment. We provide an opportunity for the family as a whole to begin to reorganize around more mutually satisfying and productive interactions.

Our family programs include psycho-education, support and multi-family therapy. These programs, particularly in our psychiatric programs, are augmented by individual family sessions throughout the course of treatment. All family services are provided at no charge because we know that they are a critical component to the treatment of many patients and we want no barrier to as much family participation as possible.

School Component
Our Adolescent Program includes a school component, so that participants can continue their studies while receiving the necessary care. Frequently, the academic studies of these adolescents have suffered because of their psychiatric problems. Those enrolled in the Adolescent Program participate in an approved tutoring program, which allows students to stay active in their schoolwork and obtain credit for school attendance. Each adolescent receives personalized instruction in either a one- to-one or very small group setting, based upon a plan developed under the direction of the student’s home school.

Telephone Consultations
SBCHP provides a variety of telephonic consultations to assist the employee in dealing with daily tasks and burdens. These consultations include assistance with legal, financial, tax, childcare, retirement and elder care issues. These confidential consultations are provided free of charge to the member.

Employee Educational Workshops
Employee education seminars can be included in the EAP. Sessions are conducted by panel professionals on topics selected by the employer. This forum provides education to staff regarding specific workplace problems, i.e., stress-related dysfunction in the workplace, behavioral problems related to family conflict, elder care, drug and alcohol abuse, marital discord, anger management, communication skill development and other work related topics.

Critical Incident Stress Debriefing
Critical Incident Stress Debriefing (CISD) is available to any company on an as-needed basis. In the event of a crisis, one of our qualified providers can be dispatched to the site for appropriate intervention. The purpose of CISD is to reduce the possibility of employees suffering needlessly from stress or other issues and help them cope with the crisis in a non-destructive manner. The welfare of the employee, his/her family and the company are of paramount value.

Pre-Employment Psychological Testing
On the selection of new employees, especially those in upper level management, sensitive positions or high stress job assignments, pre-employment psychological testing may be prudent. SBCHP clinicians with industrial and organizational experience, will meet, test and evaluate selected applicants to determine the applicant’s capability to handle the proposed position. This service is available as an option on a fee-for-service basis.

Other Programs