DWI Services

Sandhills Behavioral Center, Inc. is a North Carolina licensed DWI Service Provider. We provide Alcohol and Substance Abuse Assessments for North Carolina DWI offenses. We also provide Substance Abuse Treatment programs as required by the State Of North Carolina. (Our treatment programs fulfill requirements of most other States as well.)

Immediately upon being charged with Driving While Impaired in North Carolina, you should:

  1. Schedule an Alcohol Assessment with Sandhills Behavioral Center, Inc. by calling our office. Appointments can be scheduled during normal business hours. (Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 6:00pm and Saturday, 8am to12:00pm). It is highly recommended by most attorneys in North Carolina that you have completed a NC DWI Assessment prior to your first court appearance.
  2. Bring these items with you to your assessment appointment:
    • The $100 State mandated DWI Assessment Fee (every provider in the State of North Carolina must charge $100 for each DWI Assessment conducted).
    • Official Record of your North Carolina Motor Vehicle Record (If you have ever been licensed in any other state(s), we may need those records too, so be sure to inform us of this when you call. We will advise you of those State’s fees for driving records).
    • Your citation from your arrest and the printout of what you blew on the breathalyzer.
    • If you have already been to court and convicted, please bring a certified copy of the judgment in your case. This can be obtained from the Clerk of Court. If your judgment has the BAC (Breath Alcohol Content) printed on it, then you can omit bringing the printout from your breathalyzer test.
    • If you have not been to court and you have an attorney, be sure to bring their contact information so we can communicate with them on your behalf.
    • If you have ever been in treatment before, please bring all the information you can regarding the facility you attended, the location and dates of your attendance.
  3. Your assessment will last between 60 and 90 minutes.
  4. The results of your assessment will be determined as soon as all required documents have been received and your assessment has been conducted. The sooner you provide us with all the items listed above, the sooner your recommendation can be finalized. We cannot give you a recommendation for the level of treatment you will need, until all documents above have been received by our office. We will give you a letter at the time of your assessment verifying an assessment was conducted. You can take this form to the court, your attorney, your probation officer or whoever may require proof of your assessment.
  5. Upon receipt of all required documents, your assessment will be reviewed and a final recommendation will be made. The levels of treatment that may possibly apply to you are as follows:
    • ADETS = (Alcohol & Drug Education Class)
      16 hour Alcohol & Drug Education Class
    • Short Term Treatment = (Substance Abuse Treatment, min. 20hrs.)
      A minimum of 20 hours of Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment, to be completed in NO LESS THAN 30 days.
    • Longer Term Treatment = (Substance Abuse Treatment, min. 40hrs.)
      A minimum of 40 hours of Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment, to be completed in NO LESS THAN 60 days.
    • Intensive Outpatient Treatment = (Substance Abuse Treatment, min. 90hrs.)
      A minimum of 90 hours of Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment, to be completed in NO LESS THAN 90 days. The length of this level of service is to be determined upon intake at the agency for such services.
  6. When we have finalized your assessment results, we will call you to explain the findings. You will also receive a letter in the mail from us notifying you of what is required for reinstatement of your driving privilege. Call Sandhills Behavioral Center, Inc. to enroll in your treatment group as soon as possible. We will go over the schedules and fees associated with your treatment.
  7. We will notify the state that you have fulfilled the requirements, upon completion of your recommended treatment program. This will take up to (2) weeks maximum. Upon your case approval by the DMV, you will need to contact them to find out the details on reinstatement of your driver’s license (for example, how much money you will need for reinstatement and if you will need a hearing, etc.).