About Us

Our Company
Sound mental health and substance abuse is an important foundation to productive living. Sandhills Behavioral Center, Inc. (SBC) was established to help individuals struggling with difficult issues, great or seemingly small, to achieve a positive quality of life. Sandhills Behavioral Center, Inc. feature a network of experienced clinicians and a variety of benefit packages, all developed with the improvement of the client’s quality of life as the focus.

Sandhills Behavioral Center, Inc. is a unique company that provides the highest quality of mental health and substance abuse services to the residents of North Carolina. We understand North Carolina, its people and its businesses. We meet each individual’s needs quickly and effectively, because we live and work among the very people we serve.

Our approach to behavioral health care is to provide a comprehensive, coordinated, managed mental health program for the clients we serve. We provide confidential and immediate assistance to help our clients develop positive coping skills in crisis. We believe our approach is flexible and dynamic, designed to meet the evolving needs and demands of our clients.


  • ★ To provide the highest quality chemical dependency, behavioral modification and mental health treatment services, which are assessable and affordable to adults, adolescents, and their families in a variety of treatment settings.
  • ★ To assist those who are impacted by mental illness and/or chemical dependency in decreasing the disease effects by promoting behavior change and providing support and education so that clients may obtain and maintain mental health stabilization and abstinence from chemical dependency.

Our philosophy is to introduce concepts that enforce the practice of a multidisciplinary team approach to treatment. Sandhills Behavioral Center, Inc. believes in helping individuals develop healthy behavior patterns in all areas of their life, including, family, school, relationships, social and living skills. We believe such changes are crucial in a successful transition back to a healthy lifestyle. Action strongly emphasizes family involvement to create a support network both during and after treatment.

The Sandhills team is made up of the following professionals.

  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker
  • Licensed Clinical Addictions Specialist
  • Certified Clinical Supervisor
  • Certified Substance Abuse Prevention Consultant
  • Clinically Certified Sex Offender Treatment Specialist
  • Provisionally Licensed Clinical Social Worker
  • Licensed Clinical Addictions Specialist Provisionally
  • Certified Substance Abuse Counselor Registrant